Hyper Island x Impact Hub – Social Good Hackathon 2020

Is there anything better than solving wicked problems for social good? Not for us, we love massive challenges, the bigger the better.

This is an opportunity for the Hyper Island community to have a fantastic excuse to come together and solve wicked social problems that have an impact in the world.

We will use our hyper superpowers to create amazing solutions around a series of purposeful briefs.

This is a brilliant opportunity not only to connect with the Hypers you know as well as new Students and Alumni you haven’t met. This is a chance to embrace all of our values to seize your potential as lifelong learners, where Team Is Everything – creating ideas that not only change the world but are real-world ready.

This 2-day Hackathon will be run in collaboration with Impact Hub King’s Cross, which is part of the world’s largest network, with more than 100 Impact Hubs in 55 different countries and 17,000 members, focused on building entrepreneurial communities for social impact at scale. They will be providing an array of briefs from their community of social enterprises and innovators.

Why should you join?
Connect with your crew, meet other crews, apply the Hyper Island tools and maybe learn new ones, have fun and contribute to make the world a better place. If you really miss the Hyper Bubble, then this is the chance for you to enjoy a two-day adventure, applying all the Hyper Island methodology in a fun and committed environment.

Who can join?
All Hyper Island alumni and current students of a Master Programme in 2019 and 2020.

Any questions?
Please don’t hesitate to email Clara Aparisi.