What story is driving you into the future? | Changes of Tomorrow

Narratives create long-lasting stories, and these stories become the norms with which we understand the world and each other. 

36 hours in the remote life of Studio Co-founders

It took us a few years to figure it out, post-hyper island, post-internships and post-working-for-big-ass-agencies, before we finally founded our own motion studio and suddenly came to the realization that all this time, we’ve been working in the service industry.

Working with our students, an inside story

How is it really like to be working with our students as a Learning Partner? 

The role of social media in mental health issues

Newly published research shows that social media hurts girls more than boys.

4 Ways Digital Acceleration Will Help You Rethink Customer Relationships

Digital acceleration means learning to navigate through complex business landscapes, engage customers, and expand your reach.

36 hours in the life of an Innovation Manager

My name is Zoran Matic and I work as Innovation Manager at UR in Stockholm, a public service company with approximately 230 co-workers. We are a digital platform for knowledge and learning. A big part of my job is to design learning experiences and facilitate sprints where different teams from all organizational levels implement new methods. 

The future effect of small changes | Changes of Tomorrow

We love big, seismic change. The news of radical innovation and change are easy to react to. There is a before and after that clearly sets a new way forward.

Meet the Team: Digital Strategy

Interested in learning at Hyper Island but not yet familiar with our facilitators and collaborators? Meet the team behind the popular Digital Strategy course and follow them online for insights and inspiration.

The future of work needs great leaders

Robots, artificial intelligence and automation will never replace inspiring leaders. Future-proof your business with Leading teams in the Digital Age, a 6-week online course to help your teams work better together and be more effective in reaching your goals.

Examples of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven decision making involves using the right tools and technologies at the right time to connect with the right target groups. There are a few primary areas in which data can be utilized to ensure that your brand or business is making a real impact.

Get up to speed with a digital acceleration course

Hyper Island methodology is based on a learner-centered, experience-based approach. We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge you can apply right away.

Mindfulness – LLL issue 2

Our previous issue of the Lifelong Learning series covered the topic of mindfulness and its relationship to work. We asked the community whether mindfulness is an enabler to growth, or a barrier to innovation and action. Here, we take a deep dive into our participants’ answers.

36 hours in the life of a Serious Spiritual Leader

My name is Helga Ósk Hlynsdóttir, I’m one of 5 co-founders of the Strategic design and Branding agency Serious Business, and I’m the Icelandic force in our super international team. I graduated from Design Lead (former Interactive art director) at Hyper Island in 2016. 

Transformation is about more than up-teching

Digital transformation requires the latest information and communication technologies, automation and artificial intelligence – but it’s also about strong leadership and an engaged workforce.

Everything changes. Sometimes for the better! | Changes of Tomorrow

The job of a futurist is not necessarily to accurately predict the future but rather to identify changes that can help us foresee the unexpected and ease our uncertainty about the future.
Creating Innovation for business growth

Creating Innovation for business growth

Tried and true may work for the majority, but for innovators in the business world – innovation means progress. It empowers them to stay one step ahead of the game. In 2019, innovation is key for business growth, sustainability, and employee happiness as the digital age develops. And it’s your workforce that will make the difference. 

Driving Transformation: Everything you need to know

Get the lowdown from program leader and coach Ben Ward along with a former participant in this informative video.

36 hours in the life of a Process Designer and Facilitator

Hi! My name is Marc and I studied Digital Business at Hyper Island (big up). Today I’m a Freelance Process Designer & Facilitator, based in Amsterdam! I usually compare my role to that of a personal trainer: Say you want to build more strength in the gym. I can’t do the training for you, right? But I can think of which exercise you need to do when, to attain your own goal! 

6 Tips on Leading Teams in a Digital Age

The dawn of a new era is upon us. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the automation of tasks by robots, is going to rewrite the way we do business. In the evolving workplace, it is us humans that must retake control and lead the change.

Innovation in San Sebastián

This past spring we headed to San Sebastian, Spain to collaborate with Fomento de San Sebastián/Donostia Sustapena, the Economic Development Agency for the city. After a couple months, we reconnected to explore the impact of the program, which was designed to support business and public sector leaders make the most of changes happening in technology technologies and the effects on the city, local start-up community and industry.
Google Analytics a digital marketing tool

Digital Marketing Toolbox for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to start your journey to becoming a digital marketer, or boost your expertise in the digital marketing field, creating and leveraging your digital marketing toolbox can support your digital progression.
Data driven marketing

Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven

The prospect of becoming more data driven in your marketing may seem daunting, regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry. But with the right tools and know how, you can be empowered with the confidence to leverage data and set yourself apart from the competition going forward.

Global Design Manager reflects on Hyper Island Masters

In an on-going series we connect with our full and part-time Masters Students from around the world. A few times each month we will meet students and alumni daring to do new and carve out the path they seek in their lives or career. You will learn about the Hyper Island experience through the lens of those coming together to study, learn and grow in Manchester, London, Stockholm and Singapore. 

36 hours in the life of a Service Designer

Hi! I’m Beatriz, but call me Bea. I’m a process and service designer in Oslo, where I work for Idean, a global design agency. My story began in In 2010, when I started working as a producer at MTV Brazil. My job there was to get shit done, research and write about music all day long. It was the dream job for anyone who grew up in the ’90s with a passion for music. 
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