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We facilitate leadership, team development and strategy & innovation with the purpose of creating change that matters.

Leadership Development

Become a leader of tomorrow at Hyper Island. Get equipped with a new skill set, toolbox, and mindset to lead your workforce and drive change successfully. We recognize the importance of the paradigm shift, which is why our programs are designed to enable you to grow in confidence, unlock your potential, and become the change maker your organization craves.

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Team Performance and Collaboration

Learn how to enable a strong collaboration within your team; one that will adapt quickly to increasing and evolving challenges. At the heart of any successful business lies the foundation of a well-functioning, agile, and resilient team.

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Strategy and Innovation

Learn how to build a strategy, drive innovation within a start-up or a large organization, and gain the tools needed to provide solutions to tomorrow's new business challenges. Today's business reality has a level of complexity that requires new thinking and planning to succeed in a digital world—lets define your strategy.

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Our partners

Join they many organizations that trust in Hyper Island

The Hyper Island methodology

Learn by doing

Build, create and experiment by creating opportunities to get hands on with the underpinnings of what’s driving change in business.

Feedback & Dialogue

Providing the essential communication techniques to realize inclusion and empathy for others through active listening, feedback and effective dialogue.

Group dynamics

Experiences rooted in the foundational tools, theory and models around group dynamics and team development such as IMGB (Integrated Model of Group Development).

Reflection habits

Developing critical reflection habits for individuals and teams provides opportunity to amplify experience and outcomes.

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